Do you live in the Melbourne metropolitan area ? If so we can pesent your gifts inside one of our beautiful Luxe Gift Balloons. Order our suggested Gift Balloon by adding to your Cart or customise your own gift by simply adding items to you cart and at Checkout just select Gift Balloon. We will then be in touch once we have received your order to arrange pickup or delivery.


This gorgeous gift balloon includes the following items:

1 x Petite Vous White Bunny with Blue Ears $24.95

1 x Snuggle Hunny Arizona Muslin $36.95

1 x NatureBubz BLOK Blue Ombre Teether $24.95

1 x Bubba Organics Lavender and Chamomile Baby Hair & Body Wash $24.95

1 x Wilson & Frenchy Wildthing Jumpsuit (Size 000; 0-3 months) $39.95

1 x Petite Vous Grey Knit Bunny Rattle $21.95


We will carefully package your selected gifts inside one of our 18" / 45 cm balloons.  We will be in touch after you place your order to confirm pickup or delivery details.  Please note that additional charges will apply for delivery within Melbourne. A courier will be used for this service.


Just a note that gift balloons are best given to the recipient soon after we have prepared them.  Balloons will generally remain inflated for up to 5-7 days. 

Luxe Gift Balloon Flat Bunny

SKU: Balloon_Bunny