This Crunchy Coconut and Caramelised Popcorn in smooth milk chocolate from Hey Tiger is a delicious favourite.


Handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia from local and imported ingredients; 75g


Contains dairy. May contain soy, peanuts, tree nuts, gluten cereals, sesame and egg


Ingredients: Milk Chocolate (74%) [sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa solids, emulsifier: rapeseed lecithin, bourbon vanilla pod], Caramelised Popcorn (19.5%) [sugar, butter, organic corn kernel, vanilla bean paste, salt, baking powder], Organic Coconut (6.5%).


Hey Tiger is a Melbourne based premium, handmade chocolate brand and social enterprise.  It is renowned for creating chocolate with delicious flavour combinations and eye catching packaging.  As a social enterprise, it is also on a mission to make change in the cocoa industry and has partnered with the Hunger Project to positively impact cocoa farming communities in Ghana, West Africa. Hey Tiger donates 50c per full size bar of chocolate sold to The Hunger Project to fund their incredible work within Ghana’s cocoa farming communities. Donations support everything from micro-loans for women farmers to childhood education programs and HIV prevention (all of which impact these communities and are important components to changing the industry).

So, if you haven't tried Hey Tiger chocolate - you haven't tried chocolate !

Hey Tiger Milk Chocolate ~Best Mates

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